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Collect or get it delivered to your door at a time convenient to you. provides a platform for people to get connected for arranging their parcel deliveries. The person ordering items online does not have to worry about someone being available at home for collection, the parcel buddy (keeper) will collect the parcel on their behalf ready to be collected or delivered at the time and location of choice, in return the parcel keeper may charge a nominal fee. a parcel keeper can be your next-door neighbour or a nearby corner shop that remains open till late and weekends. In short this is a parcel keeping service, analogous to Amazon locker, eBay-Argos click n collect or Parcel office collection with a lot more flexibility and options.


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The website provides a simple and easy way of arranging your parcel deliveries at alternate places; it could be your next door neighbor or a corner shop!

Parcel Keeper Saves time

Faster Online Shopping

Shop online at anytime without worrying about delivery and you don't have to be sitting at home for collection

Parcel Keeper Peace of mind


Your shopping delivered to the safe hands of your chosen parcel keeper, who will keep you informed about your parcel

Parcel Keeper Convenience


Collect or get the parcel delivered at your convenience.Even after office hours, early in the morning or weekends!

Did you miss a parcel delivery again...! Why not use the parcel keeping service next time?

You are not alone

It is quite common frustration amongst online shoppers to miss their parcel delivery, after all you can’t just sit at home waiting for the parcel to arrive. In many cases, it is so that you popped out to buy a can of milk or to pick your child from school and you miss the parcel. In some not so busy areas there are just not enough pick up points where a parcel can be diverted and picked up before or after your office hours without pain.

There is a solution

What do you think of a parcel keeping services where someone is happy to receive your parcel on your behalf which you can collect or get it delivered the time that suits you? It’s far more convenient when a parcel keeper turns out to be your next-door neighbour or a nearby shop. provides a place where you can search for a person who is ready to receive your parcel delivery on your behalf, you could call these persons as your parcel buddies who are happy to help you with your parcel, this could work out as a reliable cheap parcel delivery service.

How it all works...?

Imagine a situation where you as a shopper are trying to buy something online but are worried about when the parcel will arrive and who will collect the parcel? you may put off your shopping as it may not be worth taking days off work waiting for parcel to arrive. can help in such situations.
  • You go on to the website
  • Search a parcel keeper near your home or place of work,
  • Get in touch with the parcel keeper
  • Once agreed you can use parcel keeper’s address for your online shopping delivery.
  • Your parcel will get delivered to Parcel keeper’s address
  • You can collect parcel after or before your work hours
  • Or the parcel keeper may be able to do a home drop at a convenient time, It’s a parcel delivery service with a difference.

How is it different?

Service provided by Parcel keepers on our website is a lot personal and flexible. You may think of Post office parcel depot, Amazon Lockers or using Click and Collect but still have very limited options because of their limited operating hours and you will still need to make a journey to get there. A parcel keeper on our website could just turn out to be a neighbour…how about that? This is as good as a friend, a buddy, with whom you can interact and get the hassle away from online shopping. Most parcel keepers are available few extra hours before and after normal office hours, weekends and Holidays so you have the flexibility to collect your parcel without worrying about your working hours.

One can earn money by working as parcel keeper

If you spend most of your time at home, you could make good use of it by registering as Parcel keeper and start your own Parcel keeper services. As a parcel keeper you will be helping nearby online shoppers by receiving their parcels while they are away at work. You simply collect the parcel on shopper’s behalf and hand it over to them at a mutually agreed time or you could go an extra mile to deliver the parcel to the shopper’s address, in return you could charge a fee for the service you provided.