1. What is this website about?

Have you ever missed a parcel for no one being available to collect it at home? Or you just popped out of home to pick up something and you missed the parcel? Or you delayed your online purchases because you are not sure when this will arrive without paying extra and that too you have to be sitting at home waiting for your parcel to arrive by taking a day off work.

Parcelbuddies.co.uk tries to address such tricky situations by providing a platform for people to get connected for arranging their parcel deliveries. The person ordering an item online does not have to worry about someone being available at home for collection, your parcel buddy will collect the parcel on your behalf ready to be collected or delivered at the time and location of choice, in return the parcel buddy may charge a nominal fee. A parcel buddy could be your next-door neighbour or a nearby corner shop that is open till late.

In short Parcelbudies.co.uk provides a platform for people to get connected for arranging their parcel deliveries.

2. How does it work?

Three simple steps

SearchSearch a parcel buddy in your area

Arrange: Contact the parcel buddy, agree and arrange your parcel to be delivered to their address

Collect/Get Delivered: Collect or get it delivered to your door at a time convenient to you.

3. What or who is a parcel buddy?

It is simply someone whom you entrust to receive  your parcel on your behalf, you friend, your mate, your buddy.

You find a person in your local area, contact them, agree and get your parcel delivered to their address, they collect the parcel on your behalf, you later collect your parcel from them or request them to deliver it to your address, in return the service provider may charge you a nominal fee, These parcel handling service providers are referred as Parcel buddies on our website.

4. Who can register on the website?

Any person over 18 years of age or a Shop/business can register on the website, there are three possible options which you will be prompted to choose on the registration page.

Register as Parcel buddy (Service provider) – This is any person or a shop/business wanting to make extra cash by receiving parcels on behalf of others.   You will need to complete your profile that lets everyone know about your services and your terms/prices.

Register as User (Service end user) – This is any person who is looking for someone to collect parcel on their behalf. Registration is straightforward requiring some basic details only.

Register as Both (Service provider as well as service user)

You will receive a email verification link soon after registration.

To be able to work as service provider (parcel buddy) it is mandatory to complete your profile details in ‘My account page’ so your profile starts appearing in searches.

5. I run a local shop, can I register?

Of course you can register; a local shop is more than likely to make more cash with this website

6. How to register as Parcel buddy (Service provider)

The registration link is available through our website home page. It is the same link to register as Service Provider, Service user and as Both, you will be prompted to choose the option on the registration page.

7. Are there any charges to register?

Registration as Service end user is free.


Registration as service provider (parcel buddy) is currently free as a promotional offer, going forward a nominal annual fee will be applicable; we will let you know of this well in time, you may choose to continue the membership 

8. I just want to use the service; do I need to register?

You will need to register to be able to  contact any parcel buddy for the first time, this so the parcel buddy can respond to your inquiry, this will be a very quick registration requesting for minimal information and there are no charges for service user registration.

9. How will I get paid for my services as a parcel buddy?

While registering as service provider (parcel buddy) you will be providing your price details and acceptable modes of payment as a part of building your profile, these details will be visible to the users sending you the inquiry, end of the day this have to be agreed between the service provider and the service user, Parcelbuddies.co.uk only provides a platform for people to get connected for arranging their parcel deliveries, the website does not collect any payment on your behalf neither charge any commission off your earnings.

10. What if the parcel does not get collected in time?

In your profile as parcel buddy you will have an option to indicate for how long you can hold a parcel, in your profile please explicitly mention your terms and conditions about if the parcel is not collected in time, do try and make good attempts to contact your customer before taking any drastic decisions if the parcel does not get collected in time, we recommend you re-iterate this to the customer before you accept the job. End of the day you are in possession of a higher value item than your fees so the customer would be more than keen to collect the parcel as quickly as possible from you.

11. Tips for Service end user
  • You are engaging someone to handle your parcel which is your property, take enough care before engaging someone as your parcel buddy, talk to each other, even better if you could meet up and get to know each other before you agree a deal.
  • Do not use this service for expensive items
  • Let your parcel buddy know what’s being delivered, approx size and weight and any more details you may think relevant, this puts in extra peace of mind to  both parties, a parcel buddy is more likely to accept your parcel  if you have made it enough clear in your inquiry
  • Make the payment in cash wherever possible
  • Never share your bank card or account details or pass codes and pass words.
  • Wherever possible share you contact details only after having met or spoken with each other
  • Mutually agree on a proof of identification or pass code that will be presented at the time of collecting the parcel if you don’t know each other
  • At the moment, we do not support any Text alert services, so be careful if you receive any text messages claiming to be from our website
  • Collect promptly, within the time lines mentioned in your PB’s profile, for any reason if you are likely to exceed the time frame then please communicate and agree this with you PB in advance or arrange someone else on your behalf for collection
  • Make sure you have the accurate delivery address from your Parcel buddy when you agree a deal as their online profile may have very brief address because of privacy reasons
  • Make contact with your parcel buddy and agree EVERY TIME you want to get something delivered at their address, this will also enable you to track the status of your parcel with parcel buddy
12. Tips for service provider (parcel buddy)
  • As a parcel buddy you are agreeing to collect and handle someone’s parcel, take enough care before you accept any inquiry, make sure you know the person, it is reasonable to ask further questions about the parcel if you are not satisfied with the information provided through initial inquiry form. You do have the option to REJECT the inquiry
  • Provide accurate delivery address to your customer, especially when you have chosen to keep your address details brief in your public profile
  • Respond to customer inquiry as quickly as you can, they may not wait for long and the job may go to someone else
  • Update the status of job promptly.
  • If you do not know the user in person, agree on a some form of identification or pass code when the customer collects the parcel or you deliver it to them to make sure that the right parcel is being collected/delivered to the right person
13. How to build your profile as parcel buddy:

After logging in, go to ‘My account’ from home page


The profile is split in three important sections, the navigation pane on left hand side; just below your profile picture called MY DETAILS will help go through each of these sections, Personal Details, Contact Details and Service and Payment Details.

14. Personal Details:

Use ‘About me’ section to briefly described about you and/or your services

Upload a profile picture by clicking on Change Image, select a picture file and then click on upload Image.

15. Contact Details:

You enter your phone number, email and address details. You have the option for your phone number and email to be available in your public profile or not, makes it easier and quick if this information is readily available to the customer, however if you choose to keep it private until a contact has been made through web inquiry form simply click on the pad lock icon, closed padlock will keep the information private.


Address information is always available on public profile, you may wish to keep it as brief as possible, for example provide only the area or street name and the Post code. Please provide accurate information about your postcode, system uses this information to provide relevant search results to the website user.

16. Service and payment details:

This section is further divided in to four sections.


1. Screen name and short description

  • Choose the screen name that you would like to appear on your public profile, more relevant to shops so they can display the name of their shop/business
  • Short description written here will be available in public profile, use this section to advertise yourself/business

2. Limits and Availability

Use this section to provide further information about the Weight, size, home drop and availability options.

We have defaulted recommended values for this section which you can change to suit you.

  • Maximum Wight and Size: The maximum weight and size of parcel you are happy to handle
  • Keep for: Within how many days or weeks you expect the user to collect the parcel from you
  • Home drop: Some parcel buddies may choose to provide extra service of dropping the parcel to the user’s address, of course you will be able to change extra for this, please mention the details about home drop charges in Payment Info tab
  • Availability: Mention your working hours, note that most users would expect some hours outside normal office hours so they can collect the parcel from you before or after their work. Use free text area to provide more information about your availability, for example, if you are away on holiday on certain dates

3. Price

Here you can specify the charges based on weight of the parcel. You can specify your prices for work days as well as for weekends.

You can choose to add or remove pricing lines

Provide more information about pricing in ‘Price detail’ section for example your charges for home drops as it may vary based on delivery distance

Choose the payment option acceptable to you.

4. Notes  

Use this section to provide any additional information you think will useful for the user to know, for example directions to your place, availability of parking any specific terms and conditions and so on.

17. About the section My account:

1. Activities

  • Inquiries: You will see the inquiries received in this area
  • Jobs: This is the section that will show the accepted inquiries as Jobs
  • Reviews: Customer reviews will appear here

2. Subscription

      Details of membership/subscription with the website will appear here. Information like subscription start date and end date will appear here

3. Settings

  • Login details: You can rest your password and user name from here
  • Profile visibility: As a provider you may wish that you profile is not visible in search results for certain dates, for example you are away on holiday, you can set it here
  • Account type: You may wish to switch your account from Just provider to Both, this is required for a provider to be able to send inquiries to others if required
18. How do the notifications and alerts work?

In case of any event, for example receipt of an inquiry or message, there are two types of notifications generated by the website, an email will be sent out with the details of the event, also an alert will appear on top right corner (next to Logout) with brief details

19. What is subscription?

When you register as parcel buddy you have to pay an annual subscription charge to be listed on the website.

Registration as service provider (parcel buddy) is currently free as a promotional offer, going forward a nominal annual fee will be applicable; we will let you know of this well in time, you may choose to continue with membership or terminate at that time.

20. Something went wrong

Usually logging out of system and logging back again clears some of the errors. 

Try clearing your browser cookies.

At times it may be useful to restart your computer if you are using a PC.

21. How do I track status of my Inquiry

As soon as a user sends an inquiry, the parcel buddy will receive the notification of the inquiry, the PB may accept or reject the inquiry, the user will be able check the status of inquiry from My Account > Activities section, in any case the user will also be notified of Acceptance or rejection in an email.

22. How do I track status of my parcel wit parcel buddy?

Parcel buddy has the option the change the status of your parcel within his account, below are statuses and their meaning


Waiting: The PB is waiting your parcel to arrive

Arrived: Your parcel have arrived with parcel buddy

Collected: The parcel has been collected by the user

23. I am not able to send multiple inquiries to same parcel buddy

Next inquiry can only be sent to the same parcel buddy after your first inquiry has been either accepted or rejected by the parcel buddy. If you try and send another inquiry before acceptance/rejection of the first inquiry, the system will offer your existing inquiry for editing.

24. Communication with parcel buddy and email replies

Email notifications from website are generated from an email account which is not monitored, use the message functionality from